1. Members must be Principal Investigators of glycan-related multi-omics data integration projects with established funding for database development, maintenance and public dissemination.  
    2. Each member must
      1. provide quality data to the Alliance,
      2. provide feedback regarding their data usage (e.g, access logs, etc.) to assess the needs of users, and
      3. attend Alliance meetings either in-person or via conference calls. 
    3. Each member database must provide data under an open-data license, cc-by 4.0 or more permissive, and all data must have unhindered access (i.e., no requirement for user registration, etc.)

Associate membership

    1. Associate members are those who can provide specific datasets to the members of GlySpace, but who do not satisfy all of the requirements of 1. 
    2. Associate members may attend GlySpace meetings as observers.