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The "Glyco-Peakfinder" is a tool for fast annotation of glycan MS spectra. MS-profiles, MSn spectra with different types of ions (glycosidic cleavages and/or cross-ring cleavages) can be calculated in parallel. The option of detecting differently- and/or multiply-charged ions in one calculation cycle provides a fast and complete annotation of the whole spectrum. All the additional options of "Glyco-Peakfinder" (e.g. calculation of modifications either at the reducing end or within the sequence ) increase the field of application from native glycans to a variable set of glycoconjugates. The results from "Glyco-Peakfinder" can be used for advanced database searches in
How to cite: Kai Maass, René Ranzinger, Hildegard Geyer, Claus-Wilhelm von der Lieth, Rudolf Geyer,
"Glyco-Peakfinder" - de novo composition analysis of glycoconjugates
Proteomics, 2007, 7, 4435-4444.
Examples: Pyridylaminated (PA)-Dextran
CID-spectrum of sodiated HexNAc2Hex5
ESI-spectrum of HexNAc4Hex5, multiply-charged ions
MALDI-spectrum of dextran modified with anthranilic acid
Implemented features:
  1. Annotation of profiles and fragment spectra
  2. Annotation of multiply-charged ions
  3. Modifications at the reducing end
  4. Annotation of A- and X- fragments
  5. Neutral hydrogen exchange
  6. Glycopeptides and glycolipids
  7. Second generation fragmentation
  8. Annotation of permethylated and peracetylated structures
  9. Save and load of settings and results
  10. Export of results to Excel files
coming soon:
  1. Enzymatic digestion of entered peptides
  2. File upload of vendor specific peaklists
  3. Request lipid and peptide masses from remote databases
  4. Calculation of scores for different annotations for the same peak
  5. Concomitant annotation of MS and MSn data
  6. Provision of a SOAP interface for "Glyco-Peakfinder"
latest news:
2009/03/15 New domain "" and a new server for the application.

2009/01/01 New layout and store and save functions for settings and results. Result export to Excel.

2008/05/20 Major updates of "Glyco-Peakfinder"

2006/11/13 2nd version of "Glyco-Peakfinder" online

2006/06/01 1st version of "Glyco-Peakfinder" online

programmed by René Ranzinger and Kai Maaß

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